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Dryer heats on one cycle only

I have a Whirlpool LGR5636JQ0 gas dryer that has 4 drying cycles - Automatic (High Heat), Automatic (Low Heat), Air Fluff and Timed Drying with cool-down. The only cycle that produces heat is the Timed Drying. I've replaced the thermostat and fuse, and cleaned the internal air chute and the lint hose. Is this an issue with the temperature selector? Thanks in advance.

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Could be the temperature selector. Or could be something else. Here's how you can check most of the parts. (This is how you do it on an electric dryer; it's probably about the same for a gas dryer.)

Unplug the dryer, and remove the back cover. Using a multimeter, test each of the electrical components one at a time, removing the wires before testing. I suggest using an analog multimeter (the one with the needle) - they are very simple to use and understand. If the multimeter needle moves, the part is likely good. If the needle doesn't move, the part is likely bad. Replace the bad part.

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Don't accept charge

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