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Why is my home button not working?

So 2 days ago, I dropped my phone in the pool and the home button stopped working. I never received the notification that says it needs to be repaired. My fingerprint doesn’t work either. I have tried powering it off and letting it die, but it still doesn’t work. What is wrong with my phone and how do I fix it without going to the store to get it fixed?

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Water has most likely begun corroding components. Your homebutton sensor and the pins are the first to fail with moisture. Best option is to either reach out to Apple, or replace it and see if it works. Use 99.5% isopropyl alcohol to carefully clean any corrosion from the pins, remember replacing your homebutton will remove your touch ID functionality.

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Replacing your home button will make it non-functional. Because it is not a mechanical button, if you lose the touch ID functionality (by replacing the button), you will not be able to use the button at all (and will have to use the on-screen button). So, replacing the button will achieve anything from the current state of the phone.


I would strongly suggest reaching out to Apple then.


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