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Mid 2006 / model number A1181 / black or white case / 1.83 or 2.0 GHz Intel Core Duo processor.

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Coffee and cream on keyboard - black screen and beep

Child spilled coffee (with cream) on my keyboard but I was able to dab it up fast and felt like I cleaned it adequately. Several hours later opened lid to have grayed box saying "power down", I did. Now when I try to power up it just beeps; beep-pause-beep-pause-beep... continuously, NOT three beeps.

I disassembled to see if any liquid was inside and nothing there - dry and clean.

Was hoping the de/reassembling would "jiggle" problem gone but still get beeps and black display.

Ideas on what went wrong (other than hurting it's feelings by not pampering it after the spill...)

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Yeah, feeding coffee to a child is just wrong ;-) How many beeps in a row?


The beep you're describing is usually due to bad RAM. Try pulling that out for a while and letting the whole thing dry for a couple days. Also, follow mayer's answer below. Just let the whole thing air out for several days in general.


Yes - coffee to child is bad but how else can I legally stunt her growth so she will be my baby forever... ;'0

I DID follow the suggestions and viola! it's working again - sorta - I have a screen and files back but it appears that the keyboard is only partially working - random keys too (Q, A, T, I, 1, 8 and the delete key!)

Since I'm a stay at home mom (aka unemployed) do you think this is a quick and easy fix? I would love to salvage this ole white box and put money towards college funds (or a vacation...)

Thanks for your advice so far - as Charlie the Tiger says - It's GRRREEAT!


My your week went bye a lot faster than mine. Please let it dry. I tried giving mine cigarettes and booze but stopped when she hit 5'11". Nice thing is my grandbaby.


Okay - macbook is still "drying out"... So it's possible that the liquid could have shorted out some of the keyboard? If I leave it for a few more days there might be full usage again? If not,... is a keyboard an easy fix or I guess I could purchase a peripheral. Ideas?


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Unplug it and remove the battery. Get the topcase off ASAP, turn it upside down on some paper towels and forget it for a week to let it dry. Inspect the logic board for any sign of damage. Here's how to get the top case off: MacBook Core Duo Upper Case Replacement

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