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The fourth iteration of the popular 7" Galaxy Tab line of Samsung tablets.

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Can I repair the LCD instead of purchasing a replacement?

I dropped a piece of wood on my Etab, and cracked the screen. I replaced the screen.

I did not realize the digitizer and LCD were two separate things. After powering on

the tablet there are purple, black, and pink lines showing. I dont really have the money right now to replace the LCD. Is there any way I could repair it instead of having to purchase a replacement?

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Hi @sitler75 ,

What "screen" did you replace?

Did you replace the digitzer (touchscreen)?

If so what was the LCD screen like before you replaced the digitizer?

If the LCD screen was faulty (unless it is a loose or incorrectly seated LCD cable connection on the systemboard), you cannot repair them. They have to be replaced.

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