iPhone lost battery and now cannot turn on

Hi, so my iPhone 5 is pretty old, and after dying one night, I decided to plug it in. After leaving it out for the night, in the morning I was shocked to find that it had no charge whatsoever, and that after charging for six hours it still will not turn on. Now before you start saying: "Press the home button and the power button simultaneously for 15 seconds" Trust me, I've tried it. Many times, it didn't work, it's sleeping like a log.

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Hi Grace...we need some more information....when you plug in your charger, do you get any symbol come up on the screen with a battery symbol ? If not you could try a different charger and cable, if you can borrow one perhaps. If this doesn’t jump start it, you may have a problem with the battery (they do have a limited life span). Good news is that they are cheap and easy to replace (see the iFixit guide on this replacement.)

Lastly you may have a charging port where you plug in, blocked with minor debris (the main culprits are pocket fluff, hairs, wood dust etc. )....all of these can be carefully eased out with a needle or long pin. You may then find your charger will bring up the charging icon and your phone should then fully charge in about 2 to 3 hours.

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When I plug it in currently, it doesn't do anything, it's just black, however, earlier on when it was just recently dead, when I plugged it in there's no symbol, but once I pull it out a charging symbol appears.

I do not have another charger and/or cable, although I may borrow one from a friend after hearing your advice. I will try the things you mentioned, however, and I will update you asap, thank you Malcolm!


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