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El iPhone 5s de Apple fue anunciado el 10 de Septiembre, 2013. La reparación de este dispositivo es similar a los modelos anteriores y requiere destornilladores y herramientas de palanca. Disponible como GSM o CDMA /16, 32, o 64 GB / Plata, Oro, y Gris Espacial.

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iPhone screen is unresponsive and sometimes works

I currently am using an iPhone 5s. Last week, I have been experiencing problems with my iPhone 5s (I know, its really old, but I just love this phone way too much). Anyways, the problem started out where the screen would randomly freeze up, but the home and lock buttons would work perfectly fine. Siri is working fine too. To fix this problem, I would simply lock the phone and re-unlock it and it would work completely normal. However, over the course of the week, the lock and unlock method stopped working, and whenever I use my touch ID to unlock my phone, I am stuck on the home screen unable to press apps or to do anything else. If I leave my phone locked for a while and then re-unlock it, then the screen is responsive for a couple of minutes, but again stops working and becomes unresponsive. Adding on to that, I've restarted my phone multiple times -- it would be responsive for a couple of minutes, but then stops working again. The phone is mildly cracked, but that didn't hinder the screen response before.

After some research, I've come to the conclusion that maybe my digitizer and the LCD screen aren't connected properly, or if the connections were broken due to dropping the phone a lot. Would getting my screen replaced help fix this problem, or are there any other solutions?

Adding on: I have vertical blue/ red lines on my phone

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It's probably the screen. Unfortunately, the only way to properly troubleshoot an iPhone is to try known-good parts. So in your case, you will have to try a new replacement screen, preferably one from a reputable supplier. You can follow this guide.

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