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megsafe T or L type for MacBook Pro 15" A1226?

The battery for my old MacBook Pro 3,1, 15", A1226 does not charge.

I use the 85W L-type charger. Is there a difference between the megsafe T or L type for it?

I only can use it connected with the megsafe, it always lights up green. Profiler says the battery has only about 140 cycles, but wont charge.

I already cleaned the connections etc.

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Here's a good reference: Apple Portables: Troubleshooting MagSafe adapters and see if this is your problem: Portables: L-shaped MagSafe power adapter does not charge computer and LED indicator light does not illuminate

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oh, wow, the article of second link is very interesting, I didnt know that..

I just tried the SMC Firmware but installer says I dont need it, maybe because I'm on 10.6.8 already.

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I don't know, but is there a difference between the height of the socket ?

There are two models of the Magsafe 85 Watt, the L- and the T-shape.

It seems that the original L-socket sits a tiny bit deeper in the MacBook dock?

Therefore the pins make better contact than the L-form?

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The connector interface to the socket is the same. As long as you have the same wattage charger they are compatible.

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The Apple info page shows that only the T-shape is right for the late 2007 A1226 model I guess..

Block Image

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The listing is what the system came with only! Both can be used.

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ok, is a bit misleading because the L-type is listed for the 2010 and up models..

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