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Need to fix Alto TS115A plate amp - distorted low ouput

I have an Alto TS115 power PA speaker. I tested the woofer and high frequency driver and they are fine. I took the amp plate out and inspected it visually under plenty of light and magnification and can't see anything obviously wrong such as a swollen capacitor. How can I find information on how to troubleshoot this problem? Thanks.

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Since you probably have two of those speakers, you can compare values. My guess is that one of your power lines is missing (positive or negative), so measuring the powersupply voltage would be my first try.

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I disconnected all the power lines between the amp and the back plate and line level connections between the input board and then re-assembled and the amp is working now so I think you nailed the cause - something loose in the power supply chain of connections

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Well done man! Feels good to fix stuff, doesn't it?

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Hello I have 2 TS115 Bluetooth Louis speaker but when the volume is high the tweeter goes off and I have to lower the volume to come on again a certain volume they continue working do you know why is that? I have both connected to the Yamaha mixer and when higher the volume the 2 tweeters goes off and they come on when I lower the volume. If you can explain I appreciated the help!

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