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iPhone 7/8 - Easy way to remove Lock/Volume buttons?

I've had to replace a few of these for iPhone 7 or 8's, is there an easy way to get them out without damaging them and having to replace them?

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Kits de Reparación de Pantalla LCD de iPhone

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Kits de Reparación de Pantalla LCD de iPhone

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I think this repair guides would probably be the best for you.

Reemplazo de botones de control de volumen del iPhone 7

I'm not too sure about the iPhone 8, although I would assume it would be similar to the iPhone 7.

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Hi, I just replaced a housing for i8 and figured out. The button have a little latch which opens one side vertically, another horizontally. You have to click-up first the horizontal one (top one), then pull the latch in 45 degree, to remove it.

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When you press the volume buttons on the iPhone, the volume of the phone ring is also changed, which may be inappropriate for those who want to make the buttons special for controlling music or other media only. So in this tutorial, we will explain the procedure to Disable Volume Button Controls on iPhone X.

You can download SHAREit for PC Windows 10/7/8/8.1 Laptop computer from here. Shareit is a file sharing app which became insanely famous in the last few years. Previously people used to use apps like xender.

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