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Old washing machine motor coupler break - not spinning

Hi there,

I have an older top load machine, Inglis model Superb II that came with my apartment (included in my rent).

Today I was running a cycle and it started to make a louder than usual rattling sound, so I rushed to stop it. I thought the load was uneven, but it looked fine, so I just shuffled it a little and started the machine again. It made no suspicious sounds, but at the end I noticed the clothes were very wet, as if it hasn't spinned.

I ran a cycle with nothing in and yes, it turns out the machine doesn't spin and the agitator moves just veeerrrrryyy slight, if at all.

What I tried :

- Unpluggin / repluggin - did nothing

- Check if the switch that tells the machine if the lid is closed or not functions properly - it does

- If it spins in any cycle - it doesn't

- If it spins by hand - it doesn't, whether the machine is running or not, it appears to be stuck

So I moved the machine to check underneath and found many little parts of rubber, and this :

Block Image

Am I correct in my assumption that it's the motor coupler that has disintegrated ?

Other questions - Is it likely the only part at fault ?

- How difficult is it to replace? (i.e do you need a qualified repairman)? Can I find parts for an older model like this?

I'd like to give my landlord the most info as possible. Thank you !

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@mpb34601 looks to me like you are pretty handy and smart enough to have figured this out already. I doubt you need a service call. The part you need is a motor coupling similar this one. To get you the right one we need to know your washers exact model number. Just look inside the lid area at the rear edge of the main top for the tag with the number. Inglis is actually a Whirlpool machine. For a basic idea on how to do the actual repair, take a look at this video or this one which is more my style. Probably not your exact model but the principle is the same on those washers.

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Thank you ! I forwarded this to my landlord and will see how far she is willing to go to fix it. Worst case scenario I am willing to attempt this myself. Thanks again!


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