Replaced display is too bright and doesn't dim much

So I broke my display and got it replaced today. They didn't replace the whole lid, so only the actual display was replaced and the camera and backlight are apparently still the same. They also clarified that they're not using "official" replacement parts, so the new display is definitely not original Apple. I was fine with that since I plan to get a new MBP after WWDC.

The resolution/color reproduction with the new display is surprisingly good. The only problem is, the new display is too bright. When I set the brightness to full (hitting F3 until it shows full brightness), then it is as bright as the original display would be at full brightness. But, when lowering the brightness to the lowest amount possible, then it's still as bright as the original display would be at 50% brightness.

This makes it a little uncomfortable to use at night.

Is there a way to fix this?

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