Hewlett-Packard began manufacturing personal laptop computers in 1993.

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Can I swap wifi adapter in laptop?

I've got HP 15-bs100ur laptop.

There is Realtec rtl8723de WiFi/Bluetooth adapter installed.

But there is no official support with GNU/Linux, only self-written drivers, where Bluetooth still not working.

Is it possible to replace installed adapter with another one, which has GNU/Linux support? Are there any pitfalls, like BIOS software lock or anything like it?

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In my experience as long as the supported card has the correct connection to install to the laptop's motherboard, youll be fine. I have replaced wifi cards before. Most HP 15 models I have come across are user replaceable.

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Thanks a lot! After my new card arrive and i'll try, here would be results=)


Youre welcome and yes, please let me know.


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