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Version más pequeña del iPad Pro original. Publicado el 31 de Marzo de 2016. Cuenta con una pantalla 9.7", procesador A9X y acciones de almacenamiento de 32/128/256 GB. Disponible en plata, gris espacio, oro y oro rosa.

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Ipad Battery life still poor after battery replacement

Hello everybody,

I am facing a really weird and utterly frustrating issue. I use my ipad pro as a notebook in which i take all my uni notes. As it turned out the ipad could only last around 4 hours on-screen time(I would usually just take some notes in notability with my apple pencil). Since I got the Ipad second hand with no warranty left I was forced to replace the battery. I had it done in a 3rd party Apple service. From the beginning it did not feel any better- except for the fact that a battery app showed “perfect condition” as opposed to “15% of wear” previously. Ipad does not show apps draining power in settings/battery - it only says to use the ipad for a couple of minutes but it does not change at all... at this point I do not really know what to do. I will definitely go to that service again, but I have 2 theories on what is actually going on:

1. Ipad won’t fully work with a non-original battery

2. The U2 module on the motherboard is broken. (Or actually any other module).


I have tried restoring the device- didn’t help at all.

I have played a 10h long video on youtube and the ipad went down to 37% having played only 2h and 50min of the video. (The video is still playing as I am writing this post).

I would really appreciate any help as I feel really let down by this iPad. I use it daily but this battery life is far from acceptable in my daily routine.

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You can't "just buy" and OEM battery, Apple doesn't sell them. They will replace it for you though for an exorbitant fee. I agree however that many aftermarket batteries are poor quality, that's why you have to buy them from a reputable vendor like iFixit.

Apple has rigged the lates iOS to not recognize the battery data from replacement batteries and many vendors sell batteries with “cooked numbers” showing 100% or Zero cycles. It’s a bit of a wild west out there when it comes to batteries.

I would start by going back to the shop that replaced the battery to see what they can do. If the replacement battery isn’t any better than the new one, they can try another battery to see. The other option is to have Apple do it but the cost is quite high.

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You can contact apple support and get transferred to the department that handles OEM batteries. Buy a new OEM battery and go from there. These after market batteries just don’t cut the mustard! I replaced the battery in my iPad Pro 9.7 and ended up having to do it a second time because the first battery was an after market one. Not a Apple tested, certified battery. Yes you pay big money but it’s worth it in the end.

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