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capslock key is unresponsive

so i'm currently using a red dragon mechanical keyboard k552-r, and the issue i'm having is my capslock led toggles on and off as normal but the key itself is unresponsive. So, to sum it up: I can't capitalize anything less I press shift. I've tried multiple keyboards and i get the same problem so i'm sure it isn't the keyboard. Is there anything you guys can help me with? I apologize in advance if this question has been asked. P.S the caps key sometimes works, and i'm running windows 10.

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i downloaded, "Reimage Repair" and unfortunately, i had to pay, but nonetheless it fixed the problem as well as others i was meaning to fix. thank you guys.

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Hi Dizzy,

Try enabling the on screen keyboard and toggling the caps lock there. Does that work?

Do you by chance have any third party software which may use the caps-lock key as the trigger?

You can also try resetting the caps lock by following these steps.

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Hey bud, how long has it been playing up? Is it a new install of windows 10? Is it 32 or 64 bit? Has something changed recently? Like hardware/software? I would suggest uninstall and reinstall drivers from manufacturers website and try compatibility mode. Then post back with the results.

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