Help me fit a radio for my lovely girlfriend!

Hi there,

I've been trying to fit a JVC KD-G312B into my girlfriend's van while she's away as a surprise. However I am hitting a bit of a stumbling block.

I've got two radios to try, both with varying connectors. The van has the two standard power and speaker connectors but also a yellow ISO cable. This yellow cable seems to be fairly crucial - my JVC has no ISO out and even though I get power on, I don't have audio. I have another unit with this ISO out and I get audio but the CD player doesn't work because the unit is partly broken.

Is there any way of changing the audio out phono of the unit to a female ISO I wonder?

The first image shows the the broken unit with all connections in place (the radio works but not the CD)

Block Image

The second image shows my JVC but with no ISO port (I get power on but no audio)

Block Image

Any help much appreciated



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Please add all pictures so we can see what the connectors might be.


Ok I've added some pics, thanks Charlie.


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It appears the radio you purchased requires the use of an amplifier. The use of RCA ports on the back of the new radio makes it appear that it only supplies line level audio.

You would need an amplifier similar to this:

Hope this helps,


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Hi Charlie,

Many thanks for this. Could you explain to me the significance of the yellow ISO cable? is this the output from the amp in the old unit?




Based only on the given pictures, I would assume that the cable is the connections going to your speakers, and that the old radio had a built in amplifier.


Might it be possible that the van already has an amplifier and that the yellow ISO cable is just taking the signal to it?


It is possible however extremely unlikely. What is the make/model/year of the van?


It's a Citroen Dispatch, not sure of the year but maybe 2000-2004ish. Do you need more detail>


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