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Where can I purchase an iPhone 6 low_ant connector?

Hello all,

Firstly, although I have used this forum a hundred times and only ever gave thumbs up on helpful answers, I have not ever posted. So thanks for all the help I have received.

Secondly, I have been searching for the “low_ant” connector for my iPhone 6. The only place I can find a low_ant is eBay but they are for the iPhone 6s and are too big. Perhaps there is another name for them?

Any help or ideas greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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The best place we have found for that part is to buy a bricked phone from eBay and take the parts off of that.

(Source: We do microsoldering repairs at my place of employment.)

Hope this helps,


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Thanks bud, that was a super fast response and a donor board is certainly a great option.


Yeah, those antenna connectors are hard to source new and it seems every phone uses one of a slightly different dimension. If you have access to a donor, that's a great option.


Thanks for the input Minho, I shall update Charlie B’s answer as “answered”.


Thank you Lee, much appreciated


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