Hotpoint Dishwasher turns off when door almost closed


i wonder if anyone has seen this strange thing?

My Hotpoint BFI680 dishwasher has been working for many years. It will not not power on when i press the ON button.

If i open the door fully then it will turn on OK and all the function buttons beep and work as expected.

BUT when i go to close the door, as it gets close to closing then the power goes. If i slowly open the door again then power returns.

any ideas?

huge thanks


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Hi @gus2 ,

Don't know your dishwasher but you may want to check the wiring harness that goes to the control panel.

Ensure that it is securely seated into the control panel connector (if that is the way it is wired and not that it disappears into the control panel itself)

Just a thought.


Thanks @jayeff for taking the time to reply. I had taken off all the front panel to expose all the control board etc and all looked ok. I even reseated all that i could. No joy. The unit still powers down at one specific angle of the door, once the door gets to about 10inches before its closed, all power goes off. If i simply move the door back again slightly all power comes back.

I see the wiring harness loom goes behind the rod at the door bottom. Maybe there is a wiring break/short and the door mech is putting pressure as i move the door?

I will take the unit outside and test all the wiring loom cables...




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