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Acer Aspire V3 Series Laptop. Sometimes referred to as Q5WV8.

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Power Connector Doesn't work

This is an old laptop I managed to fix up, but it was in a barn during winter and spring seasons for about 2 years I think. Everything worked fine after setting aside near some strong air, but the power port has difficulty with the charger. If I simply connect the charger, it may work on a rare occasion, but normally I have to turn or flip the cable so the laptop can start charging. I tried a different newer charger and it seemed to work for a day, but the same issue poped up. I then tried replacing the power port, but it didn't work with a similiar model one and a newer model one that also fit. Should I simply get a new motherboard and reconnect everything or just leave it be and get a new laptop entirely?

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New laptop would probably be the better option. Check the port as well see if there is physical damage in the port itself. Either missing the pin or plastic broken that would keep it in one spot.

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