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mowing deck for craftsman lawn tractor model 247.28881

Hi, I have a craftsman lawn tractor model 247.28881. One pulley was broken in the mowing deck. I look to replace the complete mowing deck assembly. But I was told that only the original deck housing is available. Do you know if there is any compatible mowing deck assembly that I can use for this model of tractor?

Update (05/11/2018)

It is not pulley that is broken. It was torn off the deck, which was broken. That is why the deck needs to be replaced.

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I've not been able to locate an entire assembly. Is there a reason why you can't replace just the broken pulley on the old deck?


Hi Tim, Thank you very much for the kindly help.


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Block Image

The above image is a exploded view of the OEM deck assembly. It appears you can buy each of the individual parts of the assembly, but the entire assembly does not have a part number.


1.) You can buy a replacement deck housing (ex., and move all the pulleys and brackets from your broke deck housing to the new housing, replacing any other broken parts along the way.

2.) You can buy all the assembly's parts listed in the exploded view above (see, and assemble a brand new deck assembly.

3.) Keep an eye out on ebay or craigslist for a mower deck for parts. Here is a link for all make/model mowers that use that same deck housing as yours that you can keep an eye out for:

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