My Trio AXS 4G won't charge.

I don't know if I tried to put too much info/pics on it, but even when it had a charge, it would freeze up constantly. Then I tried one more time to charge it, but it wouldn't take the charge then and still won't. How do I know if I should try to put in an SD card to see if it will, but then again, I guess I have to replace the battery first. How much will the new battery (plus installation) cost? (I'm 66, widowed, disabled and living on a very tight income, so I'm definitely not "tech savvy".) Thank you for your help.

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First, placing a SD Card into the tablet has no effect on whether the tablet will charge or not.

Does the tablet stay on with the charger connected?

Does the tablet turn off if the charger is disconnected?

How do you know that the tablet is not charging? Is the battery status indicator going down even though the charger is connected or not going up even if the tablet is switched off but the charger is still connected and turned on?

What is the charge status of the battery with and without the charger connected?

Just trying to find out what is happening.

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