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screen touch not working.


i am washed my oppo F1 plus with water yesterday, then my phone stooped working. now it works but touch still not working.

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Light does not come on falling in water

=== Update (06/07/2022) ===

Light does not come on falling in water

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Light come but pickcher not coming today

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Display not working tach

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My phone has still open but can't touch it and still block

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I changed my touch of mobile therefore also my mobile's touch is not working and tapping anything on screen like when sometime water is dropped on our mobile like that my mobile is working .

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Most likely you'll have to replace the screen. Those screens are a lot like Sony in terms of even the slightest crack in the digitizer kills the entire touch of it

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This Phone - OPPO F1S - is not meant to be water resistant.

So expect it to malfunction in one way or another.

You will have to get a screen replacement bud!

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