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La más pequeña de los ordenadores portátiles MacBook Air de Apple con micrófonos duales y conectividad Wi-Fi 802.11ac.

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Power button doesn't work (everything else does)

Hi guys,

I've got a MacBook Air with a power button problem. I've repaired it and everything else is fully working. The machine doesn't power on or power off using a button (it does from the power source and works fine on the battery as well).

I've already replaced everything which possibly could be related to the problem including: keyboard, trackpad, trackpad flex, battery, SSD. Nothing helped.

Logic board has been washed in safe-wash, isopropyl and baked in the reflow oven.

The button isn't working. Do you have any ideas?

Maybe SMC replacement?

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Let's make sure were the failure is. Disconnect the battery first as we only want the MagSafe to power the system.

Block Image

Then see if the power pads allow you to start the system. short across these two pads for a moment then disconnect the MagSafe to turn the system off. Try this a few times does it work each time without fail? If so lets now start the system up again and this time using the power pads hold the connection a bit longer the system should shut down. Did that work?

If it did we know the issue is within the uppercase, not the logic board.

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Why I haven't thought about it?!

It works - turning on from the pads.

But at this stage I've got no clue what might be faulty. As above, I've tried a few new components.

- de

So your issue is the Uppercase its self!

Basically, the problem is within the keyboard assembly. You'll need to strip the system back down and see if you can find a damaged connection from the button assembly which connects to the keyboard or you'll need to replace the keyboard (Uppercase)

- de

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Sounds like there is a corroded trace or component on the board that is burnt out. As long as you have for sure tried a known good tpad and keyboard, then I'd say you need a board level repair. See bio for somewhere you could send it plenty of people more than happy to help.

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