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Released in 2010, the Flip Mino HD is a pocket-sized camcorder with 4 GB and one hour of shooting capacity.

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Only the RED light is on. What should I do now?

Please answer this question tried to turn on my Flip Mino HD Video after not using it for a while. Nothing happens. Plugged it into my computer UBS port, the RED light illuninates. Let stay in UBS port for 2-3 hours. Still nothing. Only the RED light is on. Tried the reset button. Nothing. What should I do now?

Thanks for any assistance you can give me.


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@winniewin start by replacing the battery. Here is the guide for it Flip MinoHD Battery Replacement Repalcment batteries are available at places like this and many others. Re-evaluate once you have the battery replaced.

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Winnie - the battery is shot.

Remove the old battery, and match its voltage & mAh.

The higher the mAh, the higher cost, but the longer it'll last.

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