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Why do I see very vague but distressing images when my Tv is turned of

I have 2 Samsung tvs both attached to Virgin Tivo boxes. This morning after a sleepless night I thought I was halloucinating because at one point I was aware that I could very vaguely make out random letters and lines and juvenile figures appear on the screen and then run off or dissapear. All this with the tv turned off! Fearing for my sanity I went downstairs to check my 'main' tv and surely enough from the right angle there were the letters much larger but fainter and then some larger and a lot less 'juvenile' almost movie style ladies with no clothes move across the screen. Very much harder to see but when you are aware it becomes noticable as it appears to be on a loop. Again the tv was 'off'.

Has anyone else been aware of this phenoomena? And how do I get rid of it? Is it most likely related to the tvs or the Virgin boxes.

Many thanks for your interest


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boothers since the TV's are off you should not really see anything displayed but I suggest you start by removing all the video inputs. Disconnect the cable boxes etc. and see what the result is with that.

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On most plasma TVs we own I can faintly see some "ghosting" if it was on recently, but nothing ever moving...


boothers, maybe have a goodnight sleep, and see if you still see these "hallucinations"


Paul- Great question ! I watch the phenoomena programs all the time !

Which channel was the naked movie persons ?

I don't understand why would you want to get rid of it ?


I watch close-captioned movies. When it is OFF, my 50" LG has ghost-white boxes where the captions have appeared over the last few years.

Most apparent when sunlight in the room.


After removing all connections one at a time the removal of an Amazon Firestick appeared to find the culprit and we appeared to have 2 clear black 'off' screens late last night however after another bad night the figures and moving lines (like something out of Vision On for people of my age) were back - all the more to my amazement because the tv was unplugged last night (but still connected to a 'live' Tivo box.)

The naked ladies have 'disappeared' to such an extent that a visitor to the house would not question their presence.


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