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El iPhone 5s de Apple fue anunciado el 10 de Septiembre, 2013. La reparación de este dispositivo es similar a los modelos anteriores y requiere destornilladores y herramientas de palanca. Disponible como GSM o CDMA /16, 32, o 64 GB / Plata, Oro, y Gris Espacial.

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iPhone 5S logic board is dead. Can I recover photos and notes?

Wife's iPhone 5S kept looping between an Apple and low battery logo.

Took it to UBreakIFix and they said it was the logic board that is dead, which they don't fix.

My wife hasn't backed up her phone in a long time so she has some pictures and notes on it that she'd like to keep.

Is my fix replacing the logic board or can I access the flash drive on it some other way to get the photos off it?

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@youvebenparked no you cannot. For any type of recovery being possible, your phone has to turn on. I would suggest you contact someone who does board level repair and have them evaluate your phone. Most of those folks can usually manage to at least get your phone to turn on long enough to recover your files. Contact people like @refectio and see what he thinks is the best way to proceed.

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ok ok i am sorry i was just trying my best to help you.

- de

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I am not sure. But I do know if you had the cloud on it and if you saved pictures, notes, etc you might be able to get them back. About the Universal Serial Bus (USB) part, you might be able to get them that way if you have a USB to USB cord. If so connect one end into a laptop or PC then plug the other end into the logic board.

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