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Issues with screen backlight

I have an issue with my Asus UX360UAK.

3 days after purchase it, when waking up from a sleep mode the screen backlight didn't work.

I can see with a tourch that the device works well, the screen works well, but the backlight is now off.

From time to time holding on|off button for 30 sec. helps and the backlight is on, but after shut down or sleep mode the issue comes back again. Sometimes the method don't help at all.

What I've done till now: updated bios, reinstalled windows 10, updated windows 10, updated drivers availiable, but nothing seems to work.

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@alkogoian this could be a LED driver IC issues. Since you've only bought it 3 days ago, I'd contact the vendor and would try to get my money back. Things like this usually do not get better.

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