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Windows 10. Network Connected, No internet.

Hey there team!

I have a weird problem with Windows 10 Right now. I can connect to Networks fine, both WLAN and though a Wired Connection. and everything looks good, it says i have an internet connection at fine strength. however, as soon as i attempt to access the internet, (in any form) I lose access to the internet, BUT i still maintain my Network connections.

I have tried installing a new network Card in the device, which does not fix the issue.

I am unable to update, because i need the internet to do so. any help would be very appreciated.

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I work with a number of W10 systems and occasionally this issue pops up.

In device manager, I uninstall the network driver and then Action>Scan for hardware changes. Windows will reinstall the driver [This is assuming that you have the install cabs in the HD, if not, have your install disk handy'] and that usually cures the issue.

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none of these options were available aside from using someone elses computer to manually download the driver network card driver, then do the procedure above. that still didnt fix the issue.

so i ran the Restore / Keep files, and that seems to have fixed the problem. thankyou for the response though.


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