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Backlight not working...screen flicker

Hello, my problem all started with my screen flickering with the moving of the screen up and down, I changed the display data cable and the inverter...the problem remained. At one point, I thought it might be the isight/inverter cable that comes out of the left hand side of the hinge...so I purchased another one and replaced that one as well. and since I've changed those three cables, actuallly now there's no more flicker...the screen just has the faint image...should I try changing the other side of the inverter cable as well? Or am I dead in the water and just need a new LCD?

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Please hook it up to an external monitor and tell us what you get. Where did all these parts come from? Would your symptoms resemble these?

Defective CCFL backlight may have the following symptoms: Screen flashes on red/pink and goes off. Picture stays on in red and slowly be come normal. Picture flickering with dim display. Picture flickering on and off.

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Hello...thank you for the quick response. I hooked up to an external monitor and the display shows the image. I got the parts from ebay...I know, not the best choice. So here's the full story, what caused me to think it was the isight cable was when I would push down on the left side of the keyboard bezel (just to the left of the screen hinge)...it would do the flicker thing.


This is the part where I'm embarrassed (please don't call me an ding dong)...so I checked the isight cable by pulling the grey tape and the part where there are four colors (red, blue, green and yellow)...so the red, blue and green cables came apart when I pulled the tape off...so I re-attached the cables (I made sure to attach the ground loop cable of the isight cable to the body of the laptop where it normally goes), the backlight still didn't light up. At some point the red and blue exposed cables touched and the backlight stayed on...)...but i couldn't control the dim light level from the F1 and F2 buttons. I thought...well, I could live with that for a few days until I get a replacement iSight cable. So I had to detach the ground loop cable to reassemble everything. When I re-assembled, I was screwing in the ground loop cable...and I think the threads weren't matched so I didn't screw it in all the way...thinking I was going to finish that in a second...but then forgot to do that.


So when I turned on the computer again, no backlight...(even more embarrassing...I smelled that burning plastic smell)...and to my chagrin remembered that I didn't fully screw in the ground loop cable). So I went ahead and ordered the isight cable...when it came in i installed it and still no backlight. So obviously, I'm thinking I fried something...yes, I do feel like an amateur idiot...valuable live and learn lesson...But at this point, the I replaced the inverter, the data display cable (at this point, the backlight was still working) and then the cables touched with no ground loop attached (got the burning smell) no backlight, purchased the isight cable...installed...still no backlight...but it works when plugged into an external monitor. So this is where I'm at...forced to accept the consequences of my experimental actions...thanks...any advice would be helpful...


Hello? Just wanted to follow up on my situation...thank you.


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