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A 17.3” gaming laptop by Asus.

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Gameplay issues, My ASUS device can not run games smoothly

Hi everyone. I bought an ASUSPRO P2540UV last month. (I couldnt find it on the list so I selected another one) It has a Core-i5 7200, 12G of RAM and Geforce 920MX Graphics. As much as I know games like RISE OF THE TOMB RIDER must run smoothly on this device. Even I got PES 2018 and 2017, for 2018 one I can not even play the game with the lowest settings, for the 2017 version of PES, If I want to run smoothly I must use low setting with a few changes in resolution. I even tried all of these games with the plugged in charger. I recently updated my drivers from ASUS website. But I dont know why this device can not work for me as a 50$ laptop. Can somebody please help me on this?

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Try downloading these drivers and installing them.

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