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iPhone 6 Touch screen not working after water damage.

Long story short, my phone got water damage and wouldn't turn on, I bathed the Logic Board in alcohol and put it back together and now it works, with a catch.

My LCD screen is working, some diagonal lines and the brightness might be a bit lower (I cant remember if I set it low.) And a brighter section in the top right of the screen.

However the biggest issue is the touch screen isn't working should I buy a new screen or is there some other fix I should try before this.


EDIT: Looks like I fixed the touchscreen myself, only thing is the right side of the screen doesn't work so it looks like I will be buying a new screen after all.

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Just to follow-up on your previous question and now this one, yes, I would try a new screen. If the problem doesn't go away, they you may have a problem with the Touch circuit on the logic board, which would require a micro-soldering repair.

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