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1996 Ford Taurus will not start

I have a 1996 Ford Taurus. I went out and l had no problems starting the car. I forgot my phone so l came back home. Turned the car off. When l went back to my car it would not start. I had no problems before. 2 years ago l got a new starter put in from Ford. I bought a new battery and cleaned battery terminals. When l turn the key there is no noise at all. The dash lights do turn on. Please help.

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Pat Young okay so your are not getting any power. check the battery cables to make sure they are connected. Check to see if your have a good ground from the battery. Check your battery to make sure it is not dead. Check the battery cable connectors to ensure they are nor corroded off. Temporarily connect a know good battery to your Taurus with some booster cables. Check if that will provide the power you need. check to see if you have power on the "Mega Fuse" and if it has continuity. Let us know what you find.

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