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El iMac Pro, es el iMac más poderoso de Apple hasta la fecha. Viene con un procesador 3.2 GHz 8 núcleos, 3.0 GHz 10 núcleos, 2.5 GHz 14 núcleos o 2.3 GHz 18 núcleos Xeon W. EMC 3144 / A1862 (ID iMacPro1,1)

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Is this the same display as the 2014/15 models?

Can you swapout the 2014/15 iMac 5k display and put in the newer 2017 display in it?

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Can you be more specific? I'm not sure exactly what you're asking.

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Here's some added background on Linus Tech's iMac Pro issue: Popular YouTuber Says Apple Won't Fix His iMac Pro Damaged While Disassembled

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Apple lists the two displays with different part numbers so I would say no.

I doubt anyone would have tried using the 2015 iMac display on the 2017 iMac (not the Pro) as the risks ($$) are to great the part of the system could be damaged.

Corrected your system info as now we are talking about a iMac Pro Vs a standard iMac 5K

Update (04/20/2018)

OK, lets see if I can clear up some of this mess that Linus got him self into ;-}

Let's say you went to a car dealer the day a new car came out and within a few days you had an accident, your hood and left side panel got damaged! Now you drive it to the dealer where you just bought the car and learned they don't have anyone trained yet and as the car is so new the parts for servicing it aren't even on the shelfs! What would be your options? What would you expect the dealer to do?

While I also have a Love-Hate relationship with Apple I've also worked for a few major companies and can somewhat sympathize with Apples plight here with the new iMac Pro.

  • Training is always after the product is introduced (maybe limited) and likely just your own people to start with. Training your independent authorized support folks may take from 6 month to a year.
  • Stocking of parts often takes 3 to 6 months and they maybe held at a regional depot.

The person who broke the system also appears not to know how to correctly mount the display back on. The correct way is to have it flat on a desk with the top nearest to your self. Taking the time to review the IFIXIT guides as well as any of the Apple service manuals would have shown him this.

The older 2011 and older you could do it this way as they used magnets to hold the display and you used very good suction cups for plate glass to mount to the face. But since 2012 you must lay the system down on its back even to open it.

Apple does need to make changes! First, it needs to offer a means for people to get parts without the hassle of being trained if you already are an authorized service center this is just dumb! It also needs to esablish a 3rd party qualification review process so screens and batteries are validated if you are not going to offer them out directly to anyone who asks for a part.

Just like cars I can go to a dealer and order the part I need and do the repairs myself. I take the risks if I mess up.

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Thanks, Dan

But the thing is that there can be a problem since you can't buy an iMac Pro display.

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@brownpupy - OK I'll bite what did you do with your brand new iMac Pro?

Are you sure it's not covered under warranty?

Even still, I would just bring the system into an Apple Store and let them replace it.

I'm not sure if the regular 2017 iMac 5K display is interchangeable with the iMac Pro.

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okay your bite isn't that strong anyway its not mine I'm just kind of wondering. I was watching a video where the guy tries to repair an imac pro's display, so I was wondering if this could be the right display

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Can you post a link to the vid? Now you got me curious ;-}

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OKay here: Apple REFUSED to Fix our iMac Pro

By the way, iFix made a video about this today: Is Apple Targeting Independent Repair AGAIN???

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