Lanzado en Septiembre 19, 2014, este iPhone con pantalla de 4.7" es la versión pequeña del iPhone 6 Plus.

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Any way to check for long screw damage?


I have in my hands an iPhone that I suspect has either long screw damage or a bad chestnut chip (that might have gotten too much heat in the past).

The thing is I would rather not remove the crew hole for nothing in case it is not the cause of my no image/backlight problem.

Is there any way to check it before cracking it open?


EDIT: Photos of the actual screw hole

Block Image

Block Image

EDIT 2: Took out the screw hole, there are some delamination but not too much

Block Image

Btw sorry for the quality of the screen! ;D

EDIT 3: Scraped the top layer and it ended up really well! Straight away I can see broken likes (I think I broke 2 of them, but that should be easy to fix).

Block Image

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Take a good look with a microscope inside the screw-hole standoffs to see if there is any appearance of damage. If you have any doubts, then remove it, it;'s actually very straight-forward. The standoff is just soldered into place so you remove it like you would remove a shield or any IC.

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I added photos to the post.

It looks kinda bad honestly, I think the middle size screw was inserted there.

First time dealing with long screw, thanks again Minho!


They look mangled, I would certainly remove the standoff to get a closer look. Another way to see if there is potential damage is to look at the edge of the board (if the screw hole is on the edge) and see if there is any trace of delamination. Or look at the area around the standoff and see if there is any "spongy-ness" of the top layer of the pcb.


For sure! I will update the post with photos once I get any news on the topic


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