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MacBook air won’t stay on

So my girlfriend has a macbook air that hasn’t worked in a couple years, initially it would start up maybe 1/5 attempts, and during that start up I would hear the chime and see the display briefly, then it would abruptly shut off. on top of the battery port looking kind of corroded, it screamed damaged I/O board. I replaced that, and after a few minutes of letting it charge the laptop started! but only stayed on for about 5 minutes and the fan sounded horrible and felt warm to the touch. it will start back up after being off for a few minutes but will only stay on for 5 minutes at a time. should I be patient and let it charge to 100%, or is there another route I should be taking? any help is very appreciated, thanks in advance

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Hi Jonathan,

It’s look like you have problem with cooling. I will try complete clean everything inside and if necessary take down cooling from logic board and apply new thermal compound.


@jarvisj - Can you give us some background on why your girlfriend put in into the closet did it get wet some how? The more you can get from your girlfriend the easier it will be in diagnosing what is needed here.


sorry I wrote this last night and wasn’t too specific. she said there was zero water damage, and it stopped turning on abruptly. so she brought it to a local guy who replaced the battery, but said he still couldn’t figure it out. all this happened before we were dating so I never saw it in action until recently

before replacing the I/O board, the fan wouldn’t even start. now that that new board is in there was definite signs of improvement, it opened to her home screen and operated normally. but after a couple minutes it would just go black and shut down, and not be able to start for a few minutes.

again thanks for the speedy responses guys


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Have you tried disconnecting the battery and just using the MagSafe charger to see if the system will run that way?

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If you can get the system to run lets get it into Diagnostics to see if we can nail down what sensor is giving you a problem. When starting the system press and hold the D key then note the error and tell us what you got.

Mac startup key combinations


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