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What kind of adhesive should I use for display assembly?

DISCLAIMER: I haven't found any article about this so i make my own.

What kind of adhesive should you use to connect display assembly to phone's frame?

I believe that its some kind of silicon that is modified in a way that will melt under heat to make disassembly easier nor it doesn't seem like 100% silicon to me..

Thanks for any help! :)

- DK

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iPhones prior to the iPhone 6S do not need adhesive. There are some pre-cut adhesive kits available on iFixit and other websites. You''ll also find similar kits for other models and Android phones.

If you don't want to buy pre-cut kits, you can get Tesa Tape and cut to length. This saves money but takes more time and when the adhesive also doubles as water resistant seal, you're better off with pre-cut.

The same applies to iPads. Don't use the tape that comes pre-installed on most digitizers, it's usually garbage. You can get pre-cut tape from BowlerTech; they use 3M tape but it works really well too.

Imagen de iPhone 6s Display Assembly Adhesive


iPhone 6s Display Assembly Adhesive


Imagen de Tesa 61395 Tape


Tesa 61395 Tape


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Can't you recommend me something universal for Aluminium to glass adhesive? I don't really wanna use tape nor assembly kit. Ideally i want to make my own silicon based assembly kit from specified compound.

Thanks for any help,

- DK

- de

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Do you mean Iphone LCDs to frames. Are you refurbishing LCDs or do you mean Samsung LCDs to phone chassis. ?

Need a bit more information. Different adhesive for different processes.

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Isn't there something universal? its usually glass to aluminium which shoudn't make a difference in compound.. (i think)

Or can't you give me a source where i can find those adhesives? I coudn't find them on ifixit other then prebuilt assembly kits.

Like for now i need that for OnePlus 2. I used some from the internet, but it just makes things worse like it expands overtime and make display crack, etc..

thanks for any help,

- DK

- de

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