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Trying to carrier-unlock this phone; I think Sprint screwed me up.

I've been fighting with Sprint on this for nearly a week and I'm no closer to a fix than I was when I started.

Have a Sprint-branded Galaxy S5, model SM-G900P. It is carrier-locked. I would like it to not be carrier-locked. Apparently it is not, unfortunately, a simple matter of having Sprint unlock it through a provisioning server. I was given an MSL (Master Subsidy Lock) code and told that I could unlock the phone that way. I managed to get into the appropriate place to enter the code and was greeted with a menu of about a dozen or so options. Of course, there's no obvious "unlock carrier" option there. Google failed me.

I went to the Sprint store and spent three hours (yes, really) working with them trying to figure this out. They were unable to help me. They DID, however, make two changes to the phone through that MSL system and they (and I) are unable to change it back. One change was the removal of a username; there was previously a sprint.com email address there ("christopher##@sprint.com" but I don't remember what the two characters for the ## were) and Sprint erased it. I can change the username though I don't know if I need to, and even if I needed to I no longer know what the previous username was.

The other change was turning off "System Connection Provider". It was previously on; the person at the Sprint store turned it off. Bad thing is, there's no apparent way to turn it back on again. When they turned it off the "On" button got grayed out.

I just want this phone to be functional and carrier unlocked. Any help would be appreciated.

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I unlock customer's Samsung devices through firmware switching. As for what I know, there is no "U" firmware available for this phone (universal firmware). Do you know which carrier you want to switch to? before anything, Sprint needs to undo all the changes they have made with the device, because none of us in this forum have access to what Sprint has access to. There are also some limitations between a few carriers while switching over the device through firmware flashing, but I will be able to let you know if you have a carrier in mind.

As for right now, see if Sprint can undo the changes they have made to the device, and then let me know which carrier you want to switch to, then I can guide you in the right direction on how to get the firmware flashed.

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Thanks. Right now I'm so disgusted with this that I'm just wanting to reset this back to how it was, forget about the carrier unlock, and I'll just sell the phone on ebay or something. That "System Connection Provider" thing looks important but I can't find any info about it online.


Understood, can be a very frustrating situation. Now that I think of it, if you're able to get the phone into download mode, then you may be able to side load factory firmware to give it a new fresh start.


Any downside to doing so? Don't want to offload this to someone on ebay only to have them complain that there's something wrong with it.


If you have the right firmware, there shouldn't be any issue. Matching the correct firmware will just restore the device and carrier settings. I don't know if you're able to get to system settings, but if you are, you can look into the "about phone" section and need to match your PDA and CSC with the firmwares that can be found here: https://www.sammobile.com/firmwares/gala...

you will need a tool called Odin to flash the firmware over to the device which can be found here: https://odindownload.com/SamsungOdin/#.W...

Odin can sometimes be a pain to get working with the s5's in particular.

Another thing you want to know is within the firmware file you download, there will be 5 files in that folder. 2 of them are HOME_CSC and just CSC. In your case, you will be flashing the other 3 files and just the HOME_CSC because you are flashing to your original factory carrier settings. All the CSC file does is removes the original carrier settings to be flashed with a different carrier file.


Cool, I'll give it a go. Thanks.


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Before spending too much time on this, some warnings!!!!

a) DO NOT CROSS FLASH GS5's -- The antenna daughterboard is specific to each carrier!!!!

Whomever is saying simply flash CSC and firmwares, this will not work.

b) You will not have good experience on other carriers. The SM-G900P only supports LTE: Band 25/26/41. The phone only works on HSPA/HSDPA frequencies for other carriers, which are slow speeds for data. This phone will not support Verizon LTE or CDMA.

c) This phone works best ONLY on Sprint and Boost Mobile.

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You can get your Galaxy S5 unlocked for GSM carriers and use LTE data with them.

I paid for mine to be unlocked at swiftunlocks [dot] com and it was 25 bucks. I think when I got a previous phone done though them it was only 20, so they may have gone up recently.

At first I only had HPSA+ data / 3G, and then I went back to the stock Sprint ROM on it and entered the secret programming menu and used my MSL to enable LTE. Mine is working on AT&T because they also use 1900MHz for LTE in Band 2, whereas the S5 on Sprint was using LTE band 25 which includes all the frequencies of Band 2, including 1900MHz.

Instructions from my SwiftUnlocks chat during the unlock process:

go to settings, choose activate this phone, then press volume up up, down down down -

press "testmode menu"

UE Setting & Info >

Setting >

Protocol >



It will say "success".

After that you have to go into the ##DATA# menu and push the "ENABLE LTE" button. I also used the MSL to Edit the menu related to LTE Band priority to make sure Band 25 was first. I also disabled Band 41 because it's no use for my AT&T service.

All this crap took me about 2 weeks of work to figure out.

To get your MSL you might be able to use this method, it worked for me:


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