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Took apart iPhone [STUCK]

My friend dropped his iPhone 7 and his iPhone was messed up. I don’t know the full story but he says it only charges to 3% on a dead battery. Recently he took it to a repair store where they took it apart and when they put it back together it showed the connect to iTunes/restore. They said to restore it at home and right now he is trying to fix it. Is this a common problem? I’m asking these questions because I’m debating weather I should buy this iPhone for a cheap price.

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There are a lot of unknowns here. It is best not to jump on it if you don't know the whole story.

When it connected to iTunes, did it work?

Can it still make calls after the restore?

Can both sides making the call hear each other?


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it all depends on whether or not the restore works or not. If it can't be restored via iTunes or 3u, then most likely it has logic board level problems. At that point unless he's offering it to you at a very cheap price it would not be worth it. As the user above mentioned, we need more info to give you proper advice.

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