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La Canon AE-1 es una cámara de película réflex de objetivo único (SLR) de 35 mm para usar con lentes intercambiables.

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Can't change iso because ASA is stuck


I recently buy a AE-1 Program, however the ASA dial is stuck. I made the normal procedure to dial, clicking the button but it is stuck and the dial won't move. You have any advice?! Or the only solution I have is only shoot with 200 film?! :(

Thanks in advance

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Sounds like something is jamming it (spilled soda). Here's a good vid on how to take off the speed dial: Fix Old Cameras: AE-1 Top Cover Removal / Battery Door Replacement

Now with the speed dial off you can take the knob apart to bathe it with a good household cleaner.

Do be careful as the ASA linkage (cable and pulleys) to the other side can easily be damaged when you release the tension of the dial.

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I found this video:

Do you know if I only remove the ASA Dial part (min. 1:25), rather than the entire one, I would be able to fix the problem?

- de

Which model of AE-1 do you have the older AE-1 or the newer AE-1P model? They are very different internally.

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I have the Program model

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The dial is under the rewind knob a much simpler setup. no need to pop the top off. just remove the knob and take the clip off.

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Hey Eduardo,

While I believe the links Dan provided should help resolve the problem permanently, I’d like to point out that you do not actually need to change your ISO dial as it has no effect on your film. All you have to do is correct in your head the missing or additional light.

For example, today I was shooting outside at F16 - 1/125 - Film ISO speed 400. My dial is stuck at 200 as well. My light meter was telling me I was underexposed by one stop but I knew it was an incorrect reading because my film is actually a stop faster than what the camera was being told.

Hope this helps.

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@maxraines - Time or F stop are the basic elements of exposure but the bias for the given films sensitivity is still important. Luckily, the ASA can be thought as being a third element of the exposure from the perspective of the cameras built-in light meter. If your meter is not working correctly (for any reason) one can figure out what the EV delta is needed to correct for it. I still use a LunaPro light meter warts and all as it expresses exposure to an EV value.

A better way is to express the exposure in EV is using a calculator Exposure Value, EV Chart and Calculator.

Hope that helps you until you get your camera fixed.

- de

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