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Cellular version of Apple's 2nd generation iPad Air. Model A1567.

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What the problem is, the whole display or controller?

Hi guys! I have an iPad Air 2, everything worked well, I’ve updated to iOS 11, everything was right. A few days later the touchscreen didn’t work (the iPad didn’t fall into water or something else, it just stopped responsing to the touches), the display is working (no defects), but doesn’t response to the touches, every button works....only the touchscreen doesn’t work. I have done hard reset (entered the recovery mode and then restored), it didn’t help.

The question:

What the problem is? Do I have to replace the whole display or maybe there is a chip or other electronic element that controls just touchscreen? I think there will be a big difference at price between replacing the whole screen and replacing a little chip.

Thank you

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Was the display replaced in the past?

And no, you can't just replace a controller chip.


No, nothing had replaced ever. It’s the first problem ever.


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My suggestion to you:

1) Backup your iPad in iTunes

2) Download the older full firmware file for 11.2.6 from here.

2) AFTER the download completes, put your iPad into DFU mode and plug it into iTunes

3) it will ask you to restore.

• on a PC hold SHIFT+Click restore, and select the firmware file you just downloaded.

• on a Mac hold Option+Click restore, and select the firmware file you just downloaded.

See if your display works again or not. If it does, wait until the next iOS to update.

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