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Lanzado el 19 de septiembre de 2014, este iPhone de pantalla de 5.5" es la versión más grande del iPhone 6.

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My iPhone won't charge unless turned off

I have an Iphone 6 plus that I've had for about 2 years now. I recently got the screen and battery replaced in it last month and everything seemed to be working fine other than the touch disease it has. I was using my phone today like normal, but i noticed the battery getting low, so i tried to plug it up. The phone just wouldn't charge. I tried everything like cleaning the port, using different cables, wall adapters. Everything. The phone finally got so low that it turned off, but then it started charging again. It turned on and didn't charge past 2%. It's on a continuous cycle of dying and then charging to 2%/ If anyone know show to fix this, please let me know!!

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There are a few possibilities here:

  1. It could be a bad replacement battery. There are a lot of poor quality batteries flooding the market (I changed the battery, calibrated: but it only worked for one day!).
  2. It could be related to the charging circuit. Are you using Apple original or MFi certified chargers and Lightning cables? Poor quality chargers, especially car chargers, can damage the charge circuit on the logic board.

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Check and make sure that the battery connection is seated properly once I replaced the battery in my iphone 6 and the battery percentage was all over the place. I would try that and see if it works

Best regards, activoid

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here what you should do :

  • Speedyfix Hecks ***

1- Plug the charger to your Phone.

2- Turn off your Phone or wait it to tun on if it’s already off ? then turn it off while keeping it plugged to the charger.

3- Wait about 5 sec then press the home button only, if the battery logo appears without the cable logo then it’s 100% charging.

4- Just keep to charge an hour or 2 then you can turn on your phone and you will see the difference ^^.

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Okay I don’t know who needs to hear this but hear me out !

Apparently I had the same problem for 3 days straight and could only charge when the phone was switched off.

This was strange cause I had a replaced battery, a replaced Jack, and a new charger cable all purchased a month ago.

Finally I just kinda put my lips around on the cable tip and then stuck it back into my phone and bish is finally charging like wthhhhhh

So yeah.. try that weird thing..

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