LG V30 was released at September, 2017, the model I used in this repair guide is LGM-V300L.

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Screen replacement will it still be waterproof

If I replace the screen on my lgv30 will it still be waterproof or no?

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Hi, I'm afraid to tell you that LG V30 will lose waterproof after repaired. We've tried add some waterproof glue on a repaired phone and test whether it could keep the waterproof feature, and it turns out that even you add the glue on it, the waterproof in still not insured. The safe way keep it from water damage is keep it away from water as possible as you can. And official repair would be recommended if your phone is still under warranty. Also, if you prefer repair it yourself, here is an tutorial which told How to repair broken LG V30 screen

Good luck.

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