NOT BLOWN FUSE: DS won’t charge bot DOES turn on

I fixed a blown F2 fuse yesterday and put it all back together and turned it on. I played from green to red and went to charge it and the orange light didn’t come on. I switched the charger, tried new batteries, nothing worked. Is it a problem with the power socket and what may have because this?

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Hi @mar1nara ,

Do you know why the fuse blew?

If not then the fuse must have blown for a reason.

Something else may have failed which has caused the fuse to blow.

Perhaps in the charging circuit.

Without a schematic, unless it is an obvious component failure it may be difficult to find

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I was converting it to a bottom screen only game boy macro, and I made the solder connection and that's when it blew. I had done it before, so I just fixed the fuse. I assumed it had something to do with my original soldering.

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