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What my iPhone 7 is stuck on Apple logo and rebooting?

Hi there

I hope you all are doing well

I have an iphone 7 and it is stuck on Apple logo and after a while it gets rebooted. Because I have a frends who has mobile service store so I asked him to give me a new iPhone 7 LCD and new battery.

I tested by new things but I have still the same problem. I cannot recovery the phone because It does not go forward after Apple logo.

Anyone had the same issue or any tips?

I really appreciate any sorts of help :)


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Just out of curiosity when trying to boot to recovery you are pressing the volume DOWN button and not the home button. Since the home button is no longer a actual button they switched it to the volume DOWN.


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You need to press and hold volume down on iPhone 7 and higher to get into recovery mode as the home button does not function until the phone has booted up.

Anyway chances are while the iPhone 7 is stuck in apple logo it can probably be detected by iTunes. If this is the case, it's almost certain the issue is from the audio IC going bad and needing to be replaced.

Someone that is experienced in board-level repairs on iPhone should be able to get the chip replaced for you.

More info about audio ic issue here:

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