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Android's 4.4 OS with a 1600 x 2560 pixel resolution.

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How to fix spontaneous reboot? Soldering a connection? How?

For the last year or so, my tablet would spontaneously reboot unless I kept it plugged in all the time. However, for the last two weeks, even when plugged in, it will spontaneously reboot every minute or so. I've read about how the battery connection probably needs to be soldered, but how do I do that? I assume I need to purchase a soldering gun , etc. Perhaps it's cheaper to get a replacement, but won't the replacement do the same thing? Are the refurbished tablets soldered already to prevent this problem?

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I'm in the middle of a battery replacement on mine, as Samsung Customer Service suggested that is what could be causing the reboot loop on mine. However, I have been noticing that there is a slight warp in the tablet and when I put slight pressure on it, the tablet would stop rebooting, and would fully load. So after reading a lot of comments on here, I am looking for anything loose or broken while I do this. I am also going to replace the USB charging port, but after reading more expert opinions ;) I think I am going to need to do some soldering. I have a couple of cheapies from dollar stores and a good one. Will try all and will get back to you if any of my tinkering works LOL

Samsung also suggested to first put the tablet into Safe Mode by powering off the tablet. Then push the Power On button and Volume Down button at the same time until the logo appears then ONLY letting go of the Power On button. Keep the Volume Down button held in until it begins to load. It will show safe mode in the corner. If the tablet does not go into a continuous reboot mode while in Safe Mode, they say it could be a third-party app. Mine did the reboot thing even in safe mode and the back of my tablet was getting quite warm. The reboot loops began around 50% charge remaining, then became more frequent, and then because of a poor micro usb charging port (which I am replacing) it wouldn't stop rebooting. even when plugged in.

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Thank you for your response! I wish safe mode helped, but it doesn't. Please keep me posted. I would need detailed instructions in order to have the courage to try it!

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I just replaced the battery using the steps this site provided here. Excellent! My tablet works great now! No more rebooting! The micro USB charging port looks to be soldered in, meaning i will have to take the time later and use the soldering gun to remove it? The back still warms up, but after a lot of reading, it appears it is the CPU and i am using an app from google play called "Phone Cooler Master" its a fan with a red dot in the middle of it. It works well to lower the CPU usage and cools my tablet.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 Repair

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Fantastic! Thank you for the link! And congratulations on getting your tablet fixed. Hopefully mine will be soon...

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Thanks Jennifer! I love iFixit!

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