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How do I know if my lid lock strike is broken?

I accidentally started to lift my washer lid before it unlocked and now all it does is fill with water and drain. It doesn't spin or agitate and the lid lock light is flashing. After a lot of Googling I think it's my lid lock strike. Is there any way to know if its broken before I start buying parts I don't need? The hook latch part that locks into the base feels very loose. Is that an indication that it's broken? I have no idea how it's suppose to look or function if it isn't broken. I ordered a new one but I hate to wait a wk for the new strike then find out that wasn't the problem.

Thank you in advance!!!

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@sandylittle314 you need to let us know the exact model number for your washer. You can test the lid switch with a multimeter. (Disconnect the power!!!) Use a multimeter and either put it in continuity testing or ohm testing. Place a probe (red or black does not matter for this test) on either cable on the switch. If it does not show continuity with the lid closed then you have a failed switch. Going by your description, that would be my first guess anyhow). Replacing the switch should fix it. Post some images of what you are looking at with your question. That way we can see what you see. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that.

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