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Minor liquid spill, went to safe mode, and now won't turn on.

I had a minor spill of soup onto my laptop two days ago, which I cleaned off with isopropyl alcohol.

A couple hours later, my laptop was still turning on but was booting in safe mode, with all the keys on caps lock, making me unable to log on.

The next day, my laptop just wouldn't turn on at all. I've tried every trick to make it turn on, but it to no avail.

I'm mostly confident the liquid spill had something to do with this problem, yet I'm not sure why it took a day for the laptop to them stop working. Perhaps there's some method to get off safe mode?

Is there any other solution than sending my MacBook to a genius bar and getting it fixed? How much would such a procedure cost?


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Stuck caps lock is quite a classic on macbooks keyboards being shorted by liquid damage. Hence the boot into safe mode. Try disconnecting keyboard and battery and plug in the magsafe, if the logic board is still alive and no components are shorted, it should start and boot by itself.

If that happens, you'll just have to purchase a new keyboard/palmrest, otherwise I'm afraid you'll need some more qualified help from someone being able to properly troubleshoot your mac.

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by disconnecting the keyboard do you mean using an external keyboard? also my macbook has an unremovable battery?


is it possible that replacing the keyboard will fix the issue? or is it likely a problem with the logic board?


No need to remove your battery, just disconnect the battery cable from the logic board. My suggestion was just to help you by providing an initial troubleshooting to verify if your logic board is still alive. Since you stated you cleaned inside with isopropyl alcohol I got the idea you got enough skills to remove a logic board properly and have enough confidence for a DIY approach.

In case your mac boots to screen, before buying an expensive part in my opinion it would be a good thing to test all functions with an external keyboard first. It's impossible to say what might have been damaged without some basic troubleshooting.


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