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Best bluetooth antenna for BCM94331PCIEBT4CAX

Goodmorning everyone,

someone would advise me which of the following two bluetooth antennas is best to use with the wifi / bluetooth (4.0) module BCM94331PCIEBT4CAX for a "MacBook Pro 17 Late 2011"?

1. K17 056-3518-A

2. 631-1570-10

I ask which of the two antennas will be able to offer greater coverage and stability of the bluetooth signal.

Thanks for the assistance!

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Neither of these are the correct part.

- de

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This is the correct part Unibody MacBook Pro 17 Airport Antenna (2011) - Apple P/N 631-0890-B. There is no options here.

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You'd be better to get a new dual band usb AC wifi/bluetooth 4.0 combo dongle for a little more (prob about 50.00 and this antenna only is 27 and tax plus shipping and also used.....) and you'd have AC wifi and newer Bluetooth, but it is a usb connection instead of internal so unless you REALLY want internal only you'd gain much more with a newer AC wifi/BT 4.0 dongle for a few bucks more.

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Most WiFi/Bluetooth dongles don't support MacOS so that won't really help here.

The posters focus was on Bluetooth not WiFi and he was looking for a more powerful internal antenna which doesn't exist.

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