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El Nissan Altima es un automóvil de tamaño mediano fabricado por Nissan, y podría decirse que es una continuación de la línea Nissan Bluebird, que comenzó en 1957.

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When put into 3rd gear it shifts to D

I have a2003 Altima 2.5 automatic transmission. When shifted into 3rd gear it won't stay, after a few seconds it shifts to D. Also some times it won't start unless I wiggle the shifter when in park sometimes it takes a couple of tries.

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Only codes that come up are for the catalyst converter.

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Would the neutral switch also make it that the 3rd great would pop into D. Some times it will stay in 3 for about 30 seconds. If I put it in 3rd and hold shifter it will stay. This is an automatic transmission

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First thing to do is get it scanned, if you are in the states. Then most auto parts stores will do it for free. Then post back here so we can help you out.

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The catalytic converter closest to the cylinder head can fail causing illumination of the Check Engine Light. Prompt repair of this problem is recommended because the catalyst material can be sucked into the engine and cause internal damage.

Having to wiggle the shifter sounds like the neutral/park switch is defective.

The ground inside mass air flow (MAF) sensor can corrode and possibly cause drivability problems. The corrosion is enough to affect the sensor data but not enough to create a trouble code. Diagnosing this can be difficult because it won't always illuminate the Check Engine light.

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