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This is an ASUS laptop with a 15.6 inch monitor released in 2014, identified by part number R510LA-RS71.

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Why will my Asus R510LA-RS71 not turn on?

My laptop will not turn on. Hitting the power button does nothing and the screen remains black. What could be the problem?

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2 Respuestas

First, see if your laptop will turn on while it is plugged in. If your laptop will still not turn on, you could have a bad power adapter. Try using a different power adapter. If this does not work, it is possible that your laptop's battery needs to be replaced.

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Typically this has to do with the battery in some capacity. Either the battery itself is having issues, or the power adapter connected to it may also be a problem. This can usually be quickly fixed by checking the connections that run from the outlet to the adapter, and from the adapter to the charging port on the PC. The battery itself may be damaged or loose. You can find some of our common troubleshooting methods here.

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