Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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After battery replacement phone won't power up- I may have goofed?!?

Hi- I purchased an iPhone 6 Plus battery from ifixit, with tools and did the replacement today. I followed the instructions on YouTube from ifixit. After putting the new battery in I started up the phone before closing the thing up to see that everything was working- and it looked like it did! Apple logo- then lock screen. Looks good! Then I go to turn it off - oh no - the touch screen doesn't work! The touch screen connector wasn't connected!!! Because of that, I had no way to turn off the phone. So I unplugged the battery connector (probably a bad idea?) to power down, then I opened back up the connector cover to connect the touch screen clasp (which was not connected at all)- put that all back together, and then reconnected the battery clasp and cover, and this is when the phone would not power up.

Some additional details:

- phone worked fine before this

- the new battery registered a 52% battery charge when the phone was briefly on

- I connected the battery being replaced to check - it had 80% charge right before being replaced- still didn't work.

- I tried iTunes thing (connecting to computer via an apple usb cable) still nothing.

- the screen and battery connectors all look good- there doesn't seem to be any damage.

My questions:

- Did unplugging the battery connector while it was on 'fry' my phone?

- Did the touch screen connector being loose/unconnected cause my phone to be fried?

- was it a combination of the previous 2?

I just need to know if this phone is a lost cause.

Any information here is greatly appreciated.

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No, unplugging the battery while the phone is on doesn't fry it, worst case scenario would be needing to restore the phone but in your case it's something else.

Try unplugging battery again then reseat screen connections.

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Thanks Ben! I've reseated the connections and plugged the battery again about 6 times- still no go. The last time I reseated them, I inspected those connections with a magnify glass to look for damage- to my untrained eye- they all looked clean.


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